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Devyser LynchFAP

Confidently localize variants in all exons of PMS2 with Devyser LynchFAP, a next-generation sequencing library prep kit that enables the analysis of the most relevant genes associated with Lynch syndrome, Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), and MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP) 

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Detect mutations in 10 genes associated with hereditary cancer syndromes

Simple workflow

PMS2-specific solution for all PMS2 exons

Dedicated software

Product information

Targeted approach

Devyser LynchFAP enables analysis of sequence variants (SNVs, CNVs and indels) in 10 selected genes implicated in Lynch syndrome, Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), and MUTYH-Associated Polyposis (MAP) in genomic DNA isolated from blood. The simple workflow and ready-to-use reagents allow for laboratory efficiency. Genes included: MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2, EPCAM, APC, MUTYH, POLE, POLD1, and CTNNB1.

PMS2-specific solution

First commercial kit to include a long-range PCR to unambiguously determine variants in all PMS2 exons. By including a long-range PCR into the simplified workflow, it allows to confidently localize variants in all PMS2 exons – including those challenging regions that are homologous to its pseudogene PMS2CL.

Unravel complex genetics

With a dedicated software, evaluate PMS2 gene conversion and unravel complex genetic questions in a fast and intuitive way.


Instructions for use

Enter access code found in the lower right corner of the label on the kit box.

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Guidelines and handbooks (2)

Devyser LynchFAP Handbook 7-A146 AA 02 (English)

604 kb pdf

Handbook Devyser LynchFAP 7-A146 AA 03 (Spanish)

723 kb pdf

Product information (2)

Flyer-Print Devyser LynchFAP RUO 2023-06 (English)

720 kb pdf

Devyser_LynchFAP_flyer_2023-07-28 (Italian)

713 kb pdf

Software settings (3)

Devyser LynchFAP PMS2 Hg19 2023-05-31 (English)

8 kb bed

Devyser LynchFAP MiSeq-IEM-files (English)

86 kb zip

Devyser LynchFAP LRM files v2023-11-01 (English)

77 kb zip

Safety data sheets (1)

SDS Devyser NGS products 7-A428 v2024-01-10 (English)

486 kb pdf

Data tables (0)

Enter access code found in the lower right corner of the label on the kit box.

product card

Product details


Devyser LynchFAP

Analysis of 10 genes related to hereditary colon cancer syndromes


Pack size: 8

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