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Reproductive health

A  proactive journey

Pre-pregnancy and prenatal genetic testing empowers people to make informed and safe family planning decisions that are right for them.

Targeted gene sequencing can play an important role in evaluating a range of disorders – including thalassemias.

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Family planning just got easier

Risks and rewards

Genetic testing can detect risks associated with conception and pregnancy and play a significant role for people planning to have a family.

Family history can be a significant risk factor for future parents. Advanced DNA testing can detect hereditary and other risks, helping clinicians to investigate, find answers, and guide treatment in the family planning context.

Break the speed barrier

Reproductive genetic testing can shed light on multiple areas such as male infertility, elevated aneuploidy risk, and fetal RhD status.

For patients and labs alike, tests need to be rapid, accurate, and reliable. Waiting increases patient anxiety, making fast processing and short lead times a high priority.

Robust workflows

The lab routine should be easy for lab technicians to manage and automate, supporting robust, standardized workflows that are adapted to high-throughput screening. This saves time and cost for lab personnel as well as decreases the risk of mistakes.

High assay sensitivity and specificity are critical, but it is also important to optimize the entire workflow including sample handling, data interpretation, and results reporting.


One tube per patient sample - no sample splitting


Less than 45 minutes hands-on time


CE-IVD certified solution – from sample to result


Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in women. An estimated one in eight will develop the disease in their lifetime, while ovarian cancer is responsible for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. We provide diagnostic solutions to cover women along the whole way – from prevention to treatment. Our germline mutation analysis identifies those who are at risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer and detects individuals who may benefit from risk-reducing strategies. Our somatic mutation analysis identifies women who may benefit from targeted treatment using PARP inhibitoGet in touch


Male infertility

Hereditary disorders in the spermatozoa production cycle can cause men to be infertile. DNA screening enables diagnosis, allowing affected males to seek appropriate therapeutic intervention. Devyser’s testing solutions use PCR analysis to determine the status of microdeletions in AZFa, AZFb, and AZFc and offer standalone, resolution, or reflex testing of X and Y chromosomes. The tests’ one tube-per-sample format avoids sample splitting and facilitates a rapid, smooth lab workflow.

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Rapid aneuploidy analysis

An estimated one in 150 pregnancies may have an aneuploidy, the most common cause of miscarriage in early pregnancy. Prenatal genetic screening can provide important information to the mother and clinicians. Devyser’s test solutions detect abnormalities in all relevant chromosomes. The test kits require minimal amounts of genomic DNA and deliver correct results in less than five hours, with very short lab handling time.

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