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Simplify your lab workflow with single-tube NGS library preparation method


Post-transplantation | April 20, 2023

As a lab manager, you know the importance of streamlining workflows to maximize productivity and improve sample throughput in genetic testing. To save you valuable time we, at Devyser, have developed a single-tube lab process to help your lab, minimize errors, and deliver rapid results.

Our method combines what used to be multiple steps and multi-tubes into a three-step, single-tube process.  We have designed our assays to simplify and streamline workflows, which reduces the risk of sample mix-ups and cross-contamination.

"Our industry-leading, easy-to-use single-tube methods is a game-changer for labs worldwide," says Theis Kipling, CCO at Devyser. "We have carefully designed our methods to help researchers and lab personnel to save time and money while improving the efficiency of their laboratory workflows. Most importantly, this means that patients will get their results faster.”

Significant time savings

Our single-tube NGS methods have been optimized to reduce hands-on time for library preparation down to 45 minutes. This enables the total process time of 1-2 days from sample to DNA result.

The solutions are easily integrated into existing laboratory workflows, making the assays easy to set up and maintain for laboratory staff.

To learn more about our single-tube NGS library prep methods, visit our booth #6 at EFI or contact us below.

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