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Devyser Accept cfDNA

A single-tube NGS assay for detection of dd-cfDNA, with unmatched sensitivity


highly discriminative indel markers on autosomal chromosomes provide robust and reproducible results


Streamlined workflow with <45 min hands on time for assay run

Dedicated and intuitive software for analysis and report

A new level of certainty

Unmatched sensitivity

Devyser Accept cfDNA is a high-quality test for identification of cell-free DNA in human plasma samples. The 50 highly informative indel markers, are population independent, creates increased sensitivity and reliable results due to minimizing of background noise.

Efficient workflow

A revolutionary product that elevates the procedure of detecting cell-free DNA (cfDNA). The assay is combining the sensitivity from analysis of real-time PCR with the precise measurements using STR fragment analysis. Its highly user-friendly design and maximum lab efficiency requires minimal hands-on time of less than 45 minutes. Our easy-to-use workflow guarantees accurate and reliable results from sample to report, with minimal user intervention required.

Reliable results

The dedicated software employs streamlined data analysis and bioinformatics. An intuitive interface allows for a user-friendly management of sequencing output and results presentation. Built-in quality controls, grants for high-quality results.


Instructions for use

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Enter access code found in the lower right corner of the label on the kit box.

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Devyser Accept cfDNA

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Data analysis made easy

Fast and effective test data analysis is crucial to achieving accurate outcomes and efficient workflows.

Dedicated software in our products makes analyzing test results quick, easy and trouble-free. For users, this means a streamlined end-to-end process with unmatched reliability and transparency.

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