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Devyser Chimerism NGS

Devyser Chimerism is a targeted, next-generation sequencing (NGS) assay that utilizes differences in genetic markers (short insertions and deletions (indels)) to measure the amount of recipient and donor DNA present in an individual sample.

Note: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Bubbling test tube

Detect mixed chimerism in human genomic DNA


Reduce hands-on time, below 45 minutes


High precision and sensitivity down to >0.05 percent

Sample. Analyze. Repeat.

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One easy solution

Sensitive and accurate assay for detection of mixed chimerism. Requires less than 45 minutes of hands-on time, the easy-to-use kit is designed for lab efficiency from sample to result. A single workflow for finding informative markers and measuring mixed chimerism  in genomic DNA samples eliminates the need for sample-specific primers.

Highly sensitive and accurate

Results are highly accurate, with possible measurement of sensitivity to >0.05 percent. This is facilitated by combining the sensitive analysis of real-time PCR with precise measurements at high chimerism levels using STR fragment analysis. One tube per sample avoids any need for sample splitting. The single measurement method is independent of mixed chimerism levels.

Dedicated data analysis

It is an end-to-end solution with dedicated software for fast, accurate result analysis. It reduces laboratory processing costs by ensuring targeted sequencing with high uniformity and by maximizing sample capacity on every next-generation sequence flow cell.


Instructions for use

Enter access code found in the lower right corner of the label on the kit box.

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Download a specific Batch Release Certificate (BRC) below.

Guidelines and handbooks (2)

Devyser Chimerism handbook, 7-A147AA (English)


Addendum to handbook Devyser VeritiPro NGS products 7-B902 v2023-03-31 (English)

99 kb pdf

Product information (4)

PIB - Devyser Chimerism (English)


Flyer: Devyser Chimerism (Italian)


Flyer: Devyser Chimerism (English)


Performance Parameters of an NGS Product for Chimerism Monitoring (English)


Software settings (10)

Devyser Calculator 2020-01-20 (English)


MiSeq IEM Files (English)


Illumina double index (English)

Guide Advyser Chimerism (English)


Recipient (English) (English)

Donor (English) (English)

Devyser Chimerism LB-A LRM files v2023-11-01 (English)


Devyser Chimerism LRM files v2023-11-01 (English)


IEM files: Index Plate LB-A v2020-11-03 (English)


Devyser Sequence Coverage Calculator for Chimerism (English)


Safety data sheets (1)

SDS Devyser NGS products 7-A428 v2024-01-10 (English)

486 kb pdf

Data tables (0)

Enter access code found in the lower right corner of the label on the kit box.

product card

Product details


Devyser Chimerism NGS

Detection of mixed chimerism



Pack size: 24

Pack size: 48


Devyser Chimerism NGS

Detection of mixed chimerism



Pack size: 24

Pack size: 48

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Data analysis made easy

Fast and effective test data analysis is crucial to achieving accurate outcomes and efficient workflows.

Dedicated software in our products makes analyzing test results quick, easy and trouble-free. For users, this means a streamlined end-to-end process with unmatched reliability and transparency.

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