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Devyser announces study publication demonstrating dd-cfDNA detection in dual donor kidney transplant patients


Post-transplantation | February 29, 2024

Devyser Diagnostics AB announces today an article titled “Detection of donor-derived cell-free DNA (dd-cfDNA) in the setting of multiple kidney transplantations” was published in the prestigious journal, Frontiers in Immunology.

This study was done in collaboration with the Departments of Immunology and Nephrology at the University of Zurich, including Dr. Jakob Nilsson using the One Lambda Devyser Accept cfDNA assay. This is the first report on the use of an NGS assay to detect dd-cfDNA from multiple kidney transplants to monitor organ damage following transplantation. dd-cfDNA is used as a marker for monitoring organ damage and rejection following transplantation. Successfully differentiating dd-cfDNA in patients who have received a dual donor kidney transplant, or a sequential transplant, is a significant challenge in the accurate monitoring of such patients. This study showed that transplant patients had detectable cfDNA from multiple donor grafts and One Lambda Devyser Accept cfDNA was able to maintain a high sensitivity. The authors concluded that the results have the potential to influence clinical decision-making.

“It is fantastic that Devyser’s technology has the potential to improve monitoring and management of patients that have multiple kidney transplantations,” said Fredrik Alpsten, CEO at Devyser. “Devyser strives to innovate and be a pioneering leader of diagnostic solutions. We are proud to be part of making a difference for kidney transplanted patients.”

With about 92,000 kidney transplantations performed each year globally, significant numbers of patients need a second kidney transplant, requiring technologies that work when a patient has multiple kidneys from separate donors.

Follow the link below to read the article at the Frontier of Immunology:

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Fredrik Alpsten, CEO
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Devyser develops, manufactures and sells diagnostic solutions and analysis services to clinical laboratories in more than 65 countries. Our products are used for advanced genetic testing in the hereditary disease, oncology and transplant fields, to enable targeted cancer treatment, the diagnosis of a large number of genetic diseases, and transplant patient follow-up. Devyser's products, and unique, patented solution requiring only one test tube, simplify genetic testing processes, improve sample throughput, minimize hands-on time and deliver rapid results. Our goal is for every patient to receive a correct diagnosis in the shortest possible time. Sustainability is a central part of our business and an important prerequisite for long term value creation.

Devyser was founded in 2004 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden with eight in-house sales offices in Europe and the US. The company also runs Devyser Genomic Laboratories, a CLIA certified laboratory in Atlanta, US. In 2022, Devyser's quality management system was certified according to the IVDR and a number of the company's products have since been certified according to the IVDR.

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