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 May 20-23, 2024

European Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Conference (EFI 2024)

Geneva, Switzerland

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We are excited to be exhibiting at EFI 2024. Building on the success of previous EFI conferences, this event promises to bring together leading experts in the field to discuss the latest developments and challenges. Join us as we celebrate 20 years of pioneering genetic diagnostics. Meet our team for thought-provoking discussions and networking, that will help us advance our research and improve patient care.

Gain access to our insightful resources and dive into a world of knowledge designed to learn more about our post-transplantation monitoring products. 

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  • P56 | Enhancing organ transplantation outcomes through standards-compliant software solutions
  • P87 | Detection of donor-derived cell-free DNA in sequential kidney transplanted patients
  • P121 | Optimizing Kidney Re-transplantation Outcomes: Validation of a Highly Sensitive Assay for Monitoring of Donor-Derived Cell Free DNA





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How can we help your lab?

Devyser’s novel test for detecting donor-derived cell-free DNA in blood samples from kidney-transplant patients and its product for screening and follow-up of stem cell transplant patients fulfill IVDR requirements in Europe.

Cost-effective solution
IVDR-certified test kits are often more cost-effective than alternative solutions, such as developing your own in-house LDTs. By choosing an IVDR-certified product, you can save time and resources while still receiving the highest-quality results.

Increased efficiency
IVDR-certified test kits are designed to be user-friendly and efficient, saving you time and resources in your laboratory operations and improving patient outcomes.

Compliance with regulations
With the implementation of the IVDR, buying IVDR-certified test kits is essential for compliance with European Union regulations. By purchasing from a trusted provider, you can be confident that you are meeting all the necessary requirements and avoiding costly penalties.

At the end of the day, it is all about ensuring safety and accuracy for patients.

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Disclaimer: Products mentioned here are CE-IVD marked but not FDA-cleared. Availability in each country depends on local regulatory marketing authorization status. Please consult your local sales representative for details.