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Bioiatriki - 15 years of reliable and rapid aneuploidy testing with Devyser Compact

Rapid aneuploidy analysis

Rapid aneuploidy analysis | August 3, 2023

Bioiatriki is a leading medical laboratory in Greece, providing a range of prenatal genetic testing services. The Molecular Diagnostic Lab of Bioiatriki is one of the oldest and most experienced in Greece, offering specialized testing services for prenatal diagnosis, tumor genetics, microbial genetics, molecular karyotyping, and more.  

We spoke to Dr. Eirini Louizou, the Head of the Molecular Diagnostic Lab, and Angeliki Vasiageorgi, a Molecular Biologist who has been working at Bioiatriki since 2003, about their experience with Devyser Compact, a prenatal testing solution they rely on for their services. 

In 2008, when prenatal diagnostics in Greece were mainly performed using in-house developed tests, Bioiatriki started to receive more samples and saw a need for a more professional, robust solution they could rely on. They started searching for a solution and chose Devyser Compact after a professional distributor of Devyser's products suggested the test.  

Ease of use with a single tube 

“When we started using the kit, it was easy to use with a single tube. And with a single tube, you could get like five markers per chromosome! When Dr. Metaxatu, a key opinion leader in prenatal diagnosis, saw the results, she was really satisfied with it. That's why we decided to buy the kits," said Dr Louizou. 

Bioiatriki uses Devyser Compact regularly as a part of its prenatal testing services, which are usually requested by private doctors in Greece. The test is used to confirm the results of non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPT) or as a basic testing solution recommended by doctors.  

Fast test results to relieve patients’ concerns 

The turnaround time is fast, with results delivered within 24 hours, making it a valuable tool for reassuring women about the health of their babies. 

"You can get a result within 8 hours, and it's very reliable. In all the years that we have been working with prenatal testing, Devyser Compact has never let us down. We haven't seen something that Devyser Compact couldn't pick up," said Dr Vasiageorgi. 

The faster turnaround time and reliability of Devyser Compact have been a great help to Bioiatriki's practice, and they have not experienced any issues with the kit in all the years they have been using it.  

"Even though we are stating that we are giving the results of the rapid aneuploidy within 24 hours, there were some pregnancies that were really high risk, or the woman had many concerns, and we were still able to give the results to the doctor on the same day. This is for us a very successful story, and that's the reason we have never thought of changing the kits to another kit," said Dr Louizou. 

Apart from Devyser Compact, Bioiatriki has also been using other Devyser kits and is satisfied with their speed and straightforwardness. 

Outstanding collaboration and customer support 

Bioiatriki has had a long-standing relationship with Devyser and the distributor BioAnalytica, who have provided them with excellent support and assistance whenever they need it. 

 "We have been collaborating with Christina and BioAnalytica for quite a long time. Whenever something was needed, they were there to help.  We are always thinking of new tests and always want to expand," said Dr Louizou. 

Importance of IVDR certification 

The lab is also preparing for the upcoming In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR). Dr. Louizou and Dr. Vasiageorgi are pleased Devyser Compact is IVDR certified, which is essential for running diagnostic samples.  

"Given the importance of the test, which has to do with prenatal testing, we are happy Devyser Compact is IVDR certified so we don't have any problem in giving results to the patients. 

Devyser Compact – a gold standard 

Overall, Bioiatriki considers Devyser Compact the gold standard for prenatal testing and would recommend it to other healthcare professionals and laboratories. With its fast turnaround time and reliability, it has helped Dr. Louizou, and Dr. Vasiageorgi, provide the best service to their patients. 

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