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Simple, fast, accurate genetic testing solutions

Are you a pioneer pushing brave new frontiers in genetic testing? Together we can make personalized healthcare available to all. Our DNA test kits are fast, accurate, and easy to use – for the smoothest lab workflows. Join our journey!


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Fast. Accurate. Trusted.

We help laboratories focus on what matters most to patients – correct and fast diagnosis every time. Our genetic test kits with integrated software set new standards in DNA diagnostic testing.

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Post-transplantation monitoring

Screening for early detection of graft rejection and minimal residual disease in bone marrow and stem cell transplant patients. Learn more


Cystic fibrosis

Complete sequencing of the CFTR gene to detect all mutations. Learn more

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Tests to evaluate multiple blood conditions and guide personalized treatment and family planning. Learn more


Reproductive health

Rapid diagnosis of prenatal aneuploidies and male infertility. Learn more



Targeted cancer gene sequencing to identify clinically significant variants. Learn more


Cardiovascular diseases

Fast diagnosis and cascade screening for monogenic and polygenic familial hypercholesterolemia. Learn more

“Early treatment made possible by more sensitive diagnostic methods is expected to improve patient survival and significantly reduce the costs for management of transplant patients.”

Dan Hauzenberger, MD., Ph.D., Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden