When we decided to launch products based on next-generation sequencing technology, we had the requirements of the routine diagnostics lab in mind.

NGS becomes routine.

In order to take NGS from the research laboratory environment, we had to make our technology simple, reproducible and less prone to user-generated errors. When you use Devyser BRCA or Devyser CFTR for NGS, you will discover that you can perform library prep in a single tube. You’ll see your hands-on time go from days to minutes. And fewer hands will be needed, which means your throughput will take a great leap forward.

Devyser. Results for life.

Whether in oncology, reproductive health or hereditary diseases, we develop DNA tests with the end user in mind. Our focus is on eliminating tedious protocols and streamlining workflows to create tests that are simpler, faster and easier to use in routine diagnostics laboratories. And by simplifying the diagnostic process, we ensure you get reliable results.