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World Ovarian Cancer Day 2020


News | May 7, 2020

The 8th of May is World Ovarian Cancer Day. Bringing awareness about this illness is especially important these days, as COVID-19 is affecting ovarian cancer treatment as well as its detection.

While patients in remission can be watched through teleconferencing, those enduring chemotherapy need to share the same space as people infected by the virus; and those who are worried about a potential cancer are risking their visits to the hospital.

A recent study from University College London estimated that an excess mortality of almost 18 000 people affected by cancer in England could occur this year by multimorbidity with COVID-19.

Ovarian cancer has a low survival rate when compared to other women’s cancers mainly because of delays in diagnosis and unawareness about its symptoms.

Early identification and treatment of cancer is crucial. The Devyser BRCA and HBOC kits can help you pinpoint gene mutations with a recognised connection to the development of ovarian cancers.

Click here to read about the World Ovarian Cancer Day.

Click here to read the study from University College London.

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