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New chimerism software for your improved workflow -speed, usability, and customizable reports


News | December 1, 2022

Time is precious. Every minute, every second that we can simplify your lab’s workflow shortens the time to receive a correct test result. That’s why Devyser's software development team is pleased to announce the new release of Advyser chimerism software version 3.1. The release is built on our customer's feedback and makes analyzing test results quick, easy, and trouble-free. 

This major revision consists of 70,000 lines of code changes, that translate into improved usability, higher speed, customizable reports, and an overall simplified workflow from sample import to reporting. All with the final goal, to improve and streamline your Devyser Chimerism end-to-end solution.  

Our end-to-end process supports the entire workflow with the single-tube NGS library kit assay and the Advyser Chimerism analysis software. We are humbly confident that our solution will dramatically help you speed up your lab workflows. Here are the improvements:

Increased conversion speed
With the new optional setting for multithreading of the FASTQ sample conversion, significantly faster conversion of sequencing data is supported.  

Perform data analysis with clear and user-friendly sample quality indications for both, single and dual donor samples. Compare data quickly by using new timepoint filters in the Monitoring view. 

Report and export
Report and export relevant project details in XML format which can then be integrated quickly into Lab management systems. Customize your organization information in the new report layout.

By listening carefully to our customer’s feedback, we were able to improve the functionality and usability, as well as the look and feel of the Advyser software. We hope it will help you in your everyday lab work with our Chimerism's end-to-end solution. 

Please contact us if you want a demo of the end-to-end chimerism solution including the new Advyser version. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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