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Major health care providers in Latin America implements Devyser’s solutions


News | October 7, 2022

MSS, Mexico’s largest public health care provider and INP, Mexico’s National Institute of Pediatrics, now use Devyser’s solutions for chimerism monitoring of transplanted patients

Devyser’s solutions are implemented in routine testing at Mexico’s largest public health care provider, IMSS, and Mexico’s National Institute of Pediatrics, INP. Both centers will be adopting Devyser’s Chimerism NGS product and analytical software that is used for post-transplant monitoring of stem cell transplanted patients.

"Devyser’s new method to monitor transplanted patients gives clinicians much more effective diagnostic tools to manage and improve quality of life after transplantation. We expect it to radically transform post-transplant patient management globally"

Says Ulf Klangby, COO and founder Devyser.

"We were able to succeed in these two centers working in close cooperation with our Mexican distributor Abalat who will continue to serve our customers locally with product implementation, training and maintenance."

"Our customers have expressed a need for a more efficient, sensitive and easy-to-use diagnostic tool as an alternative to current methods, confirmed by the preference of these two top health institutions where Devyser’s new NGS product was selected ahead of legacy methods"

Says Mario Abad, CEO Abalat.

"We are confident that Devyser’s technology will provide valuable tools to improve the post-transplant healthcare management in Mexico."

More than 1 000 000 patients worldwide have received a stem cell transplant. The field of post-transplant chimerism monitoring is evolving quickly with the emergence of new, more sensitive and efficient diagnostic tools combined with improved treatment options and a growing number of transplanted patients requiring life-long monitoring.

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