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Amplicon Suite

Amplicon Suite is a standalone software (SW) for the detection of genetic variants in human specimens.

Its intended function is to provide an aid for the diagnosis of various conditions, by means of an evaluation of the specimen and the provision of information about the specimen, including the presence/absence of genetic variants and their functional annotation. Moreover Amplicon Suite can be used for research purposes to analyze data obtained from both commercial and custom molecular diagnostic assays.

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Why Amplicon Suite

For its intended use, Amplicon Suite does not target a specific disease but is rather an aid for diagnosis of several pathologies, both depending on genetic factors or depending on external pathogens influence, such as:

  • Breast and ovarian cancer (CE-IVD validated analysis)
  • Cystic Fibrosis (CE-IVD validated analysis)
  • Thalassemia (CE-IVD validated analysis)
  • Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Amplicon Suite operates automatically through a user friendly interface that allows the user to easily upload data, run analysis and explore results.


NGS data analysis


From sample to result


Custom analysis


The following page includes CE-IVD validated products intended for use by healthcare professionals only. These products do not give professional advice; physicians and other healthcare professionals who use these tools should exercise their own clinical judgment as to the information they provide.