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NGS for thalassemia genetic testing – insights from a customer implementation journey

Conventional genetic testing for thalassemia requires the use of several techniques, leading to long turnaround times. The single-tube NGS solution from Devyser can replace all these methods and provide the full information needed for a complete genetic profile within a day. This reduces the time of the laboratory workflow by weeks and the complete clinical workflow by up to a month.

Dr. Thessalia Papasavva at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics is performing genetic testing for thalassemia in Cyprus, both for diagnostics and as part of the national screening programs. She has pioneered next-generation genetic testing for Thalassemia by fully implementing the NGS solution in their routine lab. She will share her experiences in this webinar.

During the webinar we discussed:

  • New ways of working – thinking outside cost/budget silos
  • Experiences and considerations from implementing NGS in the routine lab
  • NGS data analysis simplified with customized software