Devyser HBOC for NGS

Pinpoint gene mutations with a recognised connection to the development of breast and ovarian cancers.

The Devyser HBOC gene panel for NGS delivers targeted sequencing and high uniformity

  • Targeted sequencing of mutations in 12 genes, associated with breast and ovarian cancer in germline samples
  • High uniformity allows for reduced costs by maximising sample capacity on every NGS flowcell
  • Can be used as a follow-up after negative BRCA testing, or simultaneously with Devyser BRCA for analysis of 14 genes
  • User friendly workflow with under 45 mins hands-on time
  • Ready-to-use kit including all necessary reagents for a rapid set-up and analysis
  • Customised data interpretation software for straightforward data analysis

Designed for genetic testing for hereditary breast and ovarian cancers

The Devyser HBOC gene panel has been developed with an integrative approach towards the varying literature and expert recommendations for follow-up after negative BRCA testing. It can also be employed as a first-line protocol simultaneously with BRCA1 and BRCA2, extending the screening by an additional 12 genes. Its purpose is to pinpoint mutations in genes with a recognised connection to the development of breast and ovarian cancers.

Quick and easy implementation

With ready-to-use reagents, less than 45 minutes hands-on time and customised data interpretation software, it is a good match for laboratories of any size. The targeted sequencing approach combined with uniform coverage of target regions maximises the output of relevant sequencing data in every run.

Identify variants to guide testing of at-risk relatives

Genetic testing of these genes may help guide treatment and management decisions. Identification of a disease-causing variant would also guide testing of at-risk relatives. This test is specifically designed for heritable germline mutations.
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Devyser HBOC for NGS
Sequence variants in 12 genes known to significantly increase the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer in germline samples. They are ATM, BARD1, BRIP1, CDH1, CHEK2, NBN, PALB2, PTEN, RAD51C, RAD51D, STK11, TP53

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