Leadership Team

PhD Molecular Biology, Royal Institute of Technology 
Previous positions: R&D Manager Sangtec Molecular Diagnostics

FRIDA OLIV Chief Commercial Officer 
M.Sc Chemical Engineering 
Previous positions: Regional Business Manager Nordics & France BioNano Genomics, Sales Channel Manager Genomics in the Nordics Agilent Technologies

B.Sc. Business Administration and Economics, Uppsala University 
Previous positions: Auditor KPMG, Finance Manager Scanair, Key Account Manager Microsoft, Own company, accounting agency

CAROLINE ÅKERBERG  Head of Manufacturing 
Technical high school 
Previous positions: Head of Production Olerup SSP AB (CareDx), Manager Manufacturing/Reagents Cepheid AB, Manager Manufacturing Cepheid AB and Sangtec Molecular Diagnostics AB

M.Sc. Chemical/Pharmaceutical Engineering, Uppsala University 
Previous positions: Manager RA Cepheid, Subject Matter Expert RA GE Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Assessor Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket)

VIRGINIO MARRA (not pictured) CEO Devyser Italia S.r.l. 
University degree in Biology 
Previous positions: Vice President Sales Devyser AB, Sales Manager Euroclone S.p.A. and Sangtec Molecular AB, Area Manager Nordic Becton Dickinson AB and Biodisk AB, Area Manager Becton Dickinson Italia S.p.A., Account Manager Ayerst Italia S.p.A.