Board of Directors

Ernst Westman 2020

Chairman of the Board since 2017
Born 1957
Board Member since 2016

M.S. Chemical Engineering

Previous positions:
CEO Boule Diagnostics AB, VP Marketing AB Biodisk, Business Unit Director Pharmacia LKB Biotechnology Inc.

Other board assignments:
Chairman of Scandinavian Realheart AB, HiloProbe AB, Cavidi AB and Capitainer AB, Board Director Astrego AB, member of Smartseq

Ulf Klangby 2020

CEO of Devyser
Born 1969
Board Member since 2004

Fil. Lic. Tumor Biology, Karolinska Institute,
CEO Devyser Holding AB and Devyser AB

Previous positions:
Head of Business Development Sangtec Molecular Diagnostics AB, Team Leader R&D Sangtec Molecular Diagnostics AB

Other board assignments:
TrenDx AB

Mia Arnhult 2020

Born 1969
Board Member since 2010

B.S. Business Economics and Business Law CEO M2 Asset Management AB, M2 Gruppen AB and M2 Gruppen 1 AB. CEO Locellus AB and Arnhult Invest AB.

Previous positions:
Auditor Lindebergs Grant Thornton AB, Controller and CFO M2 Gruppen and Corem Property Group AB

Other board assignments:
Bactiguard Holding AB, M2 Asset Management AB, M2 Capital Management AB, M2 Gruppen 1 AB, Odd Molly International AB

Lars Höckenström 2020

Born 1956
Board Member since 2016

Master of Business Administration Senior Advisor,
Naventus Corporate
Finance AB

Previous positions:
Co-founder and Partner Aragon FK AB,
Financial Analyst
Öhman FK AB and
Pareto Securities AB,
Analyst and Portfolio Manager
Catella Kapitalförvaltning
Co-founder and Senior
Advisor Naventus
Corporate Finance AB

Other board assignments:
Guard Therapeutics Interntional AB, Gårdarike AB, AB Consiliario

Roger Johanson 2020

Born 1959
Board Member since 2018

Managing Partner Carneo Alternative Solution

Previous positions:
Head of Private Equity, Skandia Mutual Life Insurance Company,
CEO Medicarb AB, Business 
Development Manager
Becton Dickinson

Other board assignments:
Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences