We’re specialists in diagnostic kits for complex DNA testing within oncology, reproductive health and hereditary diseases. Our products are used to guide targeted cancer therapies, to enable rapid prenatal diagnostics, as well as in a wide array of genetic tests.


You want to be confident that you can provide accurate results quickly.

We simplify and streamline complex testing processes to improve your throughput, significantly reduce hands-on time and produce results you can trust. We provide support and customer care through our in-house experts, who understand the day-to-day reality of the diagnostics lab.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Devyser was founded in 2004 by three pioneers who envisioned rapid, noninvasive diagnostics based on multiplexed PCR and QF-PCR technology. This has since been applied to the front-end of sequencing workflows in order to streamline protocols.

We have a guiding principle when it comes to developing products that are ideal for routine diagnostics: make the technology simple, reproducible and less prone to user-generated errors. And this is precisely what our customers appreciate about us, which is why routine diagnostic laboratories in more than 60 countries worldwide use our products.