Devyser Compact QF-PCR

Speed up your routine prenatal aneuploidy analysis with Devyser’s market-leading IVD kits using QF-PCR. Devyser Compact enables the analysis of chromosomes 13, 18, 21 and XY in a single PCR mix.

For fast, precise and cost-effective prenatal aneuploidy diagnosis, QF-PCR is the technology of choice. Devyser’s market-leading QF-PCR kits bring you these benefits, and more, in a ready-to-use kit. In addition to detecting Down, Edwards, Patau and Klinefelter syndromes, the Devyser Compact kit includes our patented technology for reliable diagnosis of Turner syndrome, using dedicated X-chromosome counting markers. The CE-IVD certified Devyser Compact kit relies on quantitative, multiplex PCR amplification of 26 genetic markers in a single mix for prenatal diagnosis of the most common autosomal and sex chromosome aneuploidies.

Your benefits include

  • Results in less than five hours. The complete procedure from sample to results takes less than five hours, allowing your laboratory to provide results in just one day.
  • Quick and easy implementation. All reagents needed to perform QF-PCR are provided in a single kit.
  • Cost-efficiency. This very simple procedure requires less than 90 minutes hands-on time from sample to results.
  • Fewer re-runs. Devyser’s excellent assay performance and large number of highly informative markers significantly reduce the number of re-runs.
  • No sample mixup. One single mix in PCR and detection reduces the risk of sample mixup.
  • Easy handling. All reagents are ready to use reducing the time needed for PCR set-up and the risk of contamination.
  • Easy results interpretation. GeneMapper and GeneMarker plugins for easy results interpretation and reporting.
  • Reliable detection of Turner syndrome. Two unique X-chromosome counting markers for reliable detection of Turner syndrome are included in Devyser Compact.
Prenatal QF-PCR

More markers

Devyser Complete enables advanced aneuploidy analysis for chromosomes 13, 18, 21 and XY

Improved miscarriage analysis

Eliminate cell culture, increase analysis success rates and speed up your pregnancy loss aneuploidy analysis with Devyser Extend