Devyser CFTR NGS

Reduce hands-on time from days to minutes with Devyser’s single tube, next-generation sequencing (NGS) library prep kit for fast and complete characterisation of the CFTR gene.

Discover the advantages of Devyser’s NGS workflow

  • Detect all mutations in the CFTR gene
  • One tube per sample means no need for sample splitting
  • Reduce hands-on time from days to under 45 minutes
  • Direct detection of frequent CNVs
  • Determination of poly-T and TG repeats
  • Choice of several validated software options, including CNV analysis

NGS has never been easier

The Devyser CFTR kit is easy to implement and highly cost-effective, making it a good match for laboratories of any size. With ready-to-use reagents and a user-friendly workflow, it suites both manual and automated workflows. Devyser’s unique single-tube approach simplifies the workflow, reduces hands-on time and minimizes the risk of sample mix-up and contamination. The proprietary multiplex PCR primer chemistry provides full and uniform coverage of the CFTR gene. Coverage includes all exons and exon/intron junctions, the promoter region, clinically relevant deep intronic mutations and direct detection of the 8 most common CFTR gene CNVs. Overlapping primer design is used to ascertain superior INDEL and primer site mutation coverage as well as downstream CNV analysis. In addition, the kit also allows analysis of polythymidine variants (5T/7T/9T) along with the upstream TG-repeat region within intron 9 (IVS8).

Devyser CFTR NGS performance

Analytical software options

Laboratories have a choice of fully validated analytical software solutions, locally deployed or cloud-based. Both include our validated level1 mutation filter based on CFTR2. We also support integration with other analytical software solutions.

Complete CFTR gene characterization by next generation sequencing

CFTR mutation testing can be used to guide targeted therapies, in newborn screening, CF diagnosis, male infertility caused by CBAVD, and acute recurrent or chronic pancreatitis. More than 2,000 mutations and variants in the CFTR gene have been described. The vast majority of these mutations have a population frequency below 0.1 % with high heterogeneity of mutation distribution between different ethnic groups. Devyser’s CFTR NGS kit enables the detection of all mutations, known and unknown, in a single test.

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