Devyser BRCA NGS

Reduce hands-on time from days to minutes with Devyser’s single tube, next-generation sequencing (NGS) library prep kit for fast and complete characterisation of BRCA1/2.

Discover the advantages of Devyser’s NGS workflow

  • Detect all mutations in BRCA1/2
  • One tube per sample means no need for sample splitting
  • Reduce hands-on time from days to under 45 minutes
  • One kit for both germline and somatic mutations
  • Choice of several validated software options, including CNV analysis

NGS has never been easier

The Devyser BRCA kit is easy to implement and highly cost-effective, making it a good match for laboratories of any size. With ready-to-use reagents and a user-friendly workflow, it suites both manual and automated workflows. Devyser’s unique single-tube approach simplifies the workflow, reduces hands-on time and minimizes the risk of sample mix-up and contamination. The proprietary multiplex PCR primer chemistry provides full and uniform coverage of BRCA1 and 2, covering all exons and exon/intron junctions. The kit uses overlapping primer design to ascertain superior INDEL coverage and downstream CNV analysis. The Devyser BRCA kit can be used to detect both germline and somatic mutations.


Analytical software options

Laboratories have a choice of fully validated analytical software solutions, locally deployed or cloud-based. We also support integration with other analytical software solutions.

About BRCA mutation testing

Early identification of germline BRCA mutations can help physicians make informed decisions on risk reduction strategies such as hormone replacement therapy, chemoprevention strategies and prophylactic surgery. Analysis of somatic mutations can help clinicians tailor targeted treatment for ovarian and breast cancer patients.

Detect all CFTR mutations

Reduce hands-on time from days to minutes and detect all CFTR mutations in a single tube NGS library prep kit


NGS library preparation for easy characterisation of all genes involved in familial hypercholesterolemia